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Hello, my name is Kiyah Michelle and I pursued a career in esthetics due to my own skincare journey as a teenager. I used a drug store product on my skin and had a horrible allergic reaction to it. At that very moment my interest in skincare and product ingredients began at a young age. I went through stages of insecurities as I attempted to clear my skin and I eventually turned to makeup to cover my blemishes. I quickly learned that caking makeup on acne doesn’t give results but only makes things worse. I then went on the visit my local dermatologist that recommended products to me that didn’t improve my skin much. Which then led me to begin my own research about different products and I later created my own skincare plan. As my skin cleared up over the years I then realized i wanted to further my education about skincare, and I wanted to share my love for it with the world! Beauty is all about being comfortable in your own skin and it’s the best form of self love.I strongly believe in that statement which then led to me creating my own quote, “Everyone deserves to feel beautiful & confident within themselves! I want all my clients to experience this form of self love.” If you have any skin concerns allow me to service you and be apart of your skincare journey. It would be my pleasure! Reaching your personal skincare goals may bring a boost in your level of confidence and change your life in a positive way. My passion to change my client’s lives drives me daily. I’m very result driven and you will see results when you book with KM Esthetics! Thank you for choosing me as your Esthetician and I hope to service you soon!